Iridescent marigold yellow art glass bowl with murrine and glass donuts

pink and vanilla art glass bowl

Iridescent art glass bowl with red-orange ripples, murrine abut rings of glass powder atop a grid of gray tiles seamed with black mortar

Orange, blue, yellow and white geometric grid square glass bowl

Beachy blue-green art glass bowl

Large red, amber and white art glass bowl

Yellow and orange striped art glass bowl

Hi, I’m Karen

I create artwork with glass for people who love vibrant color and luscious lines, and crave tangible art with shape and heft.

Working with warm glass since 2007, I enjoy the constant surprise of putting cold stacks of glass into the kiln and wondering what will have happened when they emerge.

Latest News

  • Orange Artifact in CraftForms 2023

    Orange Artifact in CraftForms 2023

    Lauded for its ability to attract top artists and industry experts to serve as jurors, CraftForms showcases the best of modern craft in a region where craft is king! My Orange Artifact Bowl will be on display from December 2, 2023 to January 20, 2024.

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