Past Work

My curent work is in the shop. Select past work appears on this page.

Mondrian Glass Bowl Series

An ode to grids, and the creating balance of pattern, color and weight within them. Hand-created elements from murrini to pattern bars to aperture pours.

Marigold Squall

Melty Stacks

The by-product of my attempts to make something else, I find these little guys very charming.

Marigold Stormfront

Wedding Surfboard

A commission for a wedding — match the invitation!

Thunderheads at Sunset

A stormy orange sky with rivulets of turquoise.

Southwest Totem

Turquoise and red evoke a southwestern feel with columns of human-like shapes.

Mid Century Sputnik

Cream and turquoise satellite using Japanese silver foil.

Stack Attack Bowl

A monster of a bowl, the size of a sink.

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