October 2022 Art Preview


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Citrus Inlays Bowl

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The Citrus Inlays Bowl began with a desire to showcase a gorgeous sheet of special production glass — creamy vanilla with streaks of transparent aquamarine. When heated, the minerals used to color the two glasses react to create a chocolate hue.

I have a need to complicate things, so I sliced the sheet of glass into hundreds of narrow strips and turned them on edge, showing the cross-section of the aquamarine streaks of glass pressing into their vanilla base. Tiny clear windows are interspersed with the opaque glass strips for glimpses of transparency. I arranged the blocks of strips facing in alternate directions to add more movement to the piece.

To spice up the neutral color of the bowl, I built in squares of red-orange murrine, which are themselves cross-sections of hand-pulled glass cane, which I create using a modern-day adaptation of the 16th-century techniques honed by Murano glassmakers. I pulled this cane back in 2021, but I know that not everyone shares my love of large swaths of saturated color, so it took me 18 months to figure out how to work into something that wasn’t blinding!

Fused, slumped, and sandblasted for a matte finish. Holds five apples or most of a standard baguette.

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