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Hi Gabrielle! Below are the photos and pricing for items we discussed on Sunday, December 12th.

On my Youtube channel, there are three very-sped-up videos of me working. I can see how scraps of videos like these (perhaps with me wearing something more professional/artistic-looking than what I normally wear to work) could be combined with other footage to make something that would, if not be a selling point, at least reinforce that you’re buying the work of a real human. 


Rakish Bowls

The Smear

Dimensions: 8″ long x 5.5″ wide x 4″ tall

BNA: $135

Of note: I could not make another one at this price, I simply have no idea how much time went into it, and calculating the material cost would be very time-consuming.

Black and Red Iridescent Ink

Dimensions: 7.5″ long x 6.5″ wide x 2.5″ tall

BNA: $135

Of note: Horizontal grooves around the outside rim.

Burnt Orange and Gold Drizzle

Dimensions: 7″ diameter, 4″ tall

BNA: $98

Of note: Striated texture around the outside rim, subtle dots of red on top of the rim.

Black Olive Ink Bowl

Dimensions: 10″ diameter, 2″ high

BNA: $135

Of note: I told you the diameter was 11″. I was wrong, it’s 10″.

Caramel Vanilla Ink Bowl

Dimensions: 12″ diameter, 3″ high

BNA: $162

Mossy Murrine Bowl

Dimensions: 11.5″ diameter, 2″ high

BNA: $400

Of note: This is a beast, 1/2″ thick and 5.5 lb. For comparison, the dimensionally-larger Caramel Ink bowl weighs a diminutive 2 lb. The Mossy contains murrine from six separate pulls, each of requiring several hours of setup, rod-pulling, and chopping into small cylinders. All of that is followed by another few hours of individually placing them in the final composition. The BNA does not reflect time and materials, as I don’t believe the market would bear anything resembling the actual cost (which I haven’t calculated, but it would be significantly more than the BNA), so adjust as you see fit. I am resigned to taking a loss on this.

Blue Anemone Murrine Bowl

Dimensions: 11″ long, 7″ wide, 1″ tall

BNA: $125

Treasure Boxes

Large Treasure Boxes

Dimensions: 6.75″ square, 3″ tall

BNA: $65

Of note: Lined with cream-colored velvet.

Medium Black Treasure Box

Dimensions: 5″ square, 2.75″ tall

BNA: $32

Of note: Lined with cream-colored velvet.

Medium Green Treasure Box

Dimensions: 5″ square, 2.75″ tall

BNA: $32

Of note: Plain wood interior.

Red Watercolor Treasure Box

Dimensions: 4″ diameter, 1.75″ tall

BNA: $27

Of note: Plain wood interior.

Small Bowls

Red Dimensions: 6.5″ diameter, 1.25″ tall

BNA: $75

Vanilla and Black Dimensions: 5.5″ diameter, 1.25″ tall

BNA: $62

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