Craft Show Packing Station

I just finished putting together the travel packing station I will take to craft shows!

At the American Craft Council show, I had a 2x4' folding table that I expected to devote to wrapping up bowls in bubble wrap, but I found that I had so many supplies and incoming pieces of paper from the show and from directors of other craft shows that the surface became so covered in things. I ended up using the seat of my chair to wrap purchases! 😂

Determined to fix that the next time around, I went vertical!

Traveling artwork packing station
  • The camp table folds down to 16x24" and weighs nothing.
  • The pegboard clamps onto it, and it will travel safely between two table tops.
  • The bins and hooks on the pegboard keep all my necessities off the table so that I have space to bubble wrap my work.
  • Shopping bags hang off the side.
  • There are even clips for the unexpected papers that you receive from both organizers and visitors!

And of course I labeled each holder with what goes in it, and I put labels on the pegboard for where the holders and clamps go so that there's zero thinking involved in assembling it: an essential quality during the mad rush of turning an empty spot on the floor into a miniature store/gallery in the space of a couple hours!