Lavender Serendipity

White caps on the ocean, shallow waves frothing and bubbling over sand, creamy sand dollars. The iridescent sparkle of the sun on water. Capture the ocean with this large art glass bowl that will remind you of your favorite seaside memories.  
  • Iridescent turquoise and lavender art glass bowl
  • 15″ diameter, 3″ tall
  • Food safe, hand washing recommended

Made to order: Ships within 14 days. Expect slight variations in patterning.


Threads of black glass, scattered over creamy vanilla, one segment shining with iridescence. Gaze into the edge, and you can look under the black glass threads!

You’ll want to run your fingers over the three-dimensional wafers of powdered glass.

Patterned glass cane is reminiscent of sea life: blooming anemones, coral reefs, fossils.

In one quadrant, turquoise swirls across purple. Across the bowl, stripes of parchmenty vanilla surround a floating block of melted and rippling cream.

On the back, strands of black glass are scattered. There’s something new to see every time you look.

The glass cylinders in this bowl are sections individually cut from hand-pulled glass cane, which I create by heating glass to 1500 degrees and pulling it into rods while molten in a modern-day adaptation of the 16th century techniques of the Murano glassmakers.

Fused, coldworked, and slumped with a gentle swell in the middle.

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Handle gently. My work is food safe, but intended for display and loving gazes. Hand wash only, with liquid soap, glass cleaner, or isopropyl alcohol. Neither dishwasher-safe nor microwave-safe.

To display your large bowl standing up, I recommend this 7.5″ H x 6.375″ W x 6.25″ D clear acrylic easel from Amazon. It’s pictured with a bowl that is 15″ wide and 3″ tall.

Large acrylic easel for displaying decorative bowls