Red and Blue with Orange Streamers Iridescent Ink Collection Bowl


A bed of rich, red glass with a cascade of blue pushed through. Streamers of orange glass float above on a dazzling iridescent plane which reflects a variety of rainbow colors as you look at it from different angles. These organic shapes contrast with a grid of meandering glass threads with a hand-drawn feel.

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Size: 10.5″ diameter, 2.5″ tall

Construction: Glass elements are hand cut and stacked, heated to 1500°F in a brick kiln, then shaped with successively finer grits of diamonds on a lapidary wheel. The resulting flat glass slab becomes a bowl in a second firing. A bowl like this spends around 20 hours in the kiln.

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Handle gently. My work is food safe, but intended for display and loving gazes. Hand wash only, with liquid soap, glass cleaner, or isopropyl alcohol. Neither dishwasher-safe nor microwave-safe.

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