Turquoise Sunflower Platter


Cheerful turquoise and complimentary hues of yellow dance in this shallow glass platter with transparent edges.

This item is at the Artists' Gallery in Ellicott City, MD. Stop by in person or call the gallery at 443-325-5936 to purchase.

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Size: 14″ diameter, 1.5″ tall

The primitive folk-art-style center of this platter was inspired by the watercolor circles and polka dots on the beloved throw pillows on my sofa. Seeking to pay homage to them in glass, I created dozens of tiny lozenges of glass powder as the blue polkadots and make strategic use of the chemical reactions between different colors of glass to outline each successive circle.

Ringing the outside are hundreds of transparent glass cylinders in three different yellows, individually cut from hand-pulled glass cane, which I create by heating glass to 1500 degrees and pulling it from a crucible into rods while molten in a modern-day adaptation of the 16th century techniques of the Murano glassmakers.

Fused, cold worked, and slumped.

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Handle gently. My work is food safe, but intended for display and loving gazes. Hand wash only, with liquid soap, glass cleaner, or isopropyl alcohol. Neither dishwasher-safe nor microwave-safe.

Finding the right size stand can be a process of trial and error! To display your platter standing up, I recommend the 6″ size of this acrylic stand from The Container Store.

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